Sunday, June 13, 2010

New mystery and fantasy for YA readers

Lots of books for readers of all ages are published by writers who use the self-publishing tools available everywhere, as well as the small publishers who use the internet to spread the word and don't depend on bookstore shelf-space to get attention. Here's just a short selection of new novels that are filled with action, adventure and fantasy available by self-publishers (and in book form, too). Look for them using the Amazon and World Catalog search boxes here on BookBag!

The Lake, by William Crawford (BookSurge Publishing) The Lake is a novel that is part science fiction, part environmental commentary. A group of people threatened by a truly curious natural disaster confront the vulnerability of their lives. After Southern California's Lake Crowley is split at its foundation by an earthquake, the water becomes an elixir -- and a truth serum. As desperate people migrate to its shores to drink from its waters, pandemonium besets Los Angeles and a group of public servants, including the California governor and American president, will be forced to intercede between human nature and Mother Nature.

Shamra Divided: Book Two of the Sharma Chronicles, by Barry Hoffman (Edge Books) In Book One of the series, Curse of the Shamra, author Barry Hoffman introduced Dara, a young Shamra girl who defies the oppressive rules of her society and leads a ragtag resistance in the hopes of defeating their conquerors. Although she is criticized for being outspoken, "different", and wild, she never gives in to the pressure to conform. Shamra Divided continues Dara's adventures, as she sets off to faraway lands to learn more about her heritage, why she was the one who was meant to lead her people to freedom, and what future challenges are in store for her that she must mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepare for.

The Prophet of the Pentacle, by Marilyn Privratsky (Outskirts Press) In this first work of her epic fantasy trilogy, The Chronicles of Farro, Rafar the Elder, the Osarian Knight's Prophet of War, must find away to stop Lord Jarden, the ancient evil one who has suddenly and accidentally been unleashed back into the world and is now bent on destroying it. A great battle had been fought in ancient times between the ruthless Lord Jarden and the powerful sphinx Berecynthia. She defeated this evil one, but was mortally wounded before vanquishing him altogether. Five ages pass before a royal advisor investigating the mysterious and lonely Ice Isle inadvertently sets free the ancient evil one and becomes his host. Only the sacred alliance of prophets called the Osarian Knights can now save the mystical realm of Andora from turning into a desolate wasteland of burnt ash, its innocent population annihilated by Lord Jarden's perverse genocide.

Mara's Flowery Arrows, by Siam's Unnamed (CreateSpace) Does a mysterious manuscript, discovered by chance in the library of a Burmese monastery, contain the oldest thriller story of Southeast Asian literature? In the far east of the Indochina peninsula during the Ninth Century A.D., Prince Asaka fights against the intrigues of the Khmer Court. A prince of the Court, son of the King, is found assassinated: why would somebody want to accuse a poor slave unjustly of such an important crime? Our hero is also involved in the crime (as owner of the slave, as well as more directly). He manages to extract himself and to identify the true culprit, thanks to the help of two friends: one, a wise old Hindu, reminds us of the figure of the western investigator who is part Sherlock Holmes and part Perry Mason.

Fortuna by Michael Stevens (Oceanview Publishing) Jason Lind, a brilliant but bored Stanford computer science major is longing for escape from his mundane existence. Jason signs up to play Fortuna, an online role-playing game set in Renaissance Florence. From the first, fateful mouse click, Jason tumbles into the vibrant, lush, and anonymous world of Fortuna. Swept up in this highly complex, highly addictive game of fame, fortune, and power, Jason quickly transitions from casual gamer to compulsive player. Soon tangled up in a steamy, virtual love triangle, Jason becomes obsessed with breaking Fortuna’s code of anonymity. But Fortuna is anything but fun and games, and when a sizeable debt incurred in the game spills over into reality, Jason is forced to leverage the legacy of his father, a high-tech legend killed in a car accident years before, to pay off the debt. What starts as a great escape may only leave Jason trapped, as the game that transported him deep into the past exposes a shocking present-day reality. In the world of Fortuna, it’s not how you play the game -- it’s if you survive.

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