Friday, June 25, 2010

Let's go camping!

If you like to go camping, or even never tried pitching your own tent, there are some great books to read for every level of interest in the great outdoors. Even fiction stories (for those who might like to just read about it.) Here is a very short selection of books available at your library -- find them near you using BookBag's World Catalog search box -- or buy a copy through the search box. Either way, summer's a great time to spend some time under the stars!

Camp Out! by Lynn Brunelle, Brian Biggs, and Elara Tanguy (Workman) Nonfiction. If you're eager to go camping but don't know how to set up a campsite, how to cook food in the great outdoors, or what to do while you're camping, then this is the book for you. Covering everything from planning a camping trip to leaving your campsite as pristine as it was when you arrived--and with a lot of helpful information and fun ideas for activities in between--this entertaining guide is sure to have you camping out in the woods (or maybe just in your backyard) in no time!

The Daring Book for Girls, by Andrea J. Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz; illustrated by Alexis Seabrook (Collins) Nonfiction. From lists of campfire songs, hiking tips, and essential gear (such as a pocket knife and flashlight) to instruction on how to paddle a canoe, tie knots, and build a campfire, this friendly, informative book includes a lot of advice on camping--and a whole lot of other great stuff. Plus, it's packed with fascinating facts as well as games, crafts, and other fun activities to do while you're basking in the great outdoors, including ghost stories to tell after dark. And look for the boys' companion book,
The Dangerous Book for Boys by Conn Iggulden.

Earthquake Terror, by Peg Kehret (Puffin Books) Fiction. When the Palmer family goes to a remote island for a camping trip, they get way more adventure than they'd bargained for after Mom breaks her ankle. Twelve-year-old Jonathan and his physically disabled sister, Abby, stay at the campsite with the family dog so their parents can get to a hospital faster, and Jonathan feels confident that he can take care of things until his dad comes back...but then a terrible earthquake strikes. This may not be the best book to take along on a camping trip, but it's an exciting suspenseful survival adventure that thriller fans can enjoy in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters, by Lenore Look; illustrated by LeUyen Pham (Schwartz & Wade Books) Fiction. Alvin Ho is a nervous kid--the type who, when his dad wants to take him camping, wonders what's so great about the "great outdoors." Besides the fact that it gets really dark outside (and Alvin is afraid of the dark), he worries about hurricanes and landslides, wild animals, poison ivy, spiders, and, well, just being in the woods. But even though he's scared, Alvin is a good sport, and this funny, feel-good story of his misadventures while roughing it is a great read for any kid who isn't gung-ho about sleeping under the stars. Want to read more about Alvin? Check out the 1st book in this series,
Alvin Ho: Allergic to Girls, School, and Other Scary Things.

Amelia's Itchy-Twitchy, Lovey-Dovey Summer at Camp Mosquito, by Marissa Moss (Simon & Schuster) Fiction. Despite the promise of hard mattresses, biting bugs, and exhausting hikes, Amelia finally agrees to go to sleepaway camp when she learns that her best friend, Carly, is going. But when she gets her first serious crush on a boy named Luke, who's a cartoonist like her, Amelia is stunned to find out that Carly likes him too. If you like Amelia's funny, realistic way of writing and the illustrations in her notebooks (of which there are now 24!) and want another entertaining camping tale, check out Ruth McNally Barshaw's Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen, Will Travel.

Made You Look, by Diane Roberts (Delacorte) Fiction. Sixth-grader Jason Percy and his best friend Freddy are huge fans of the TV game show Masquerade Mania, so when Jason learns that his family is headed to Los Angeles (where the show is filmed) on vacation, he's super-excited. But that's before he understands that his dad plans for them to drive, rather than fly, from Texas to California and camp in their pop-up Camp'otel along the way. Hilarious mini-disasters involving pink underwear, sudden downpours, and a papier-mâché dinosaur head will keep you rolling with laughter throughout this fun, fast-paced read.

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