Friday, January 14, 2011

The "Tim and Sally" series: books to share throughout the year

The beginning of a new year is a wonderful time to discover books for young readers ages 4-8 that are beautiful to look at as well as being fun to read. With the colder winter weather settling in it's great to have a series of books for youngsters and parents to share -- with stories and lessons that can be read and enjoyed time and again throughout the year.

The Tim and Sally series published by Miglior Press is a large-format series of picture books all written by Grady Thrasher and illustrated by Elaine Hearn Rabon. There are three hardback readers in the Miglior series, as well as a fourth, paperback coloring book published by Miglior's Jonquil Books. Each of the readers is written in easy and clever rhyme that children and their parents will enjoy reading together.

All the books in the series can be purchased using the Amazon search box here on BookBag, or by clicking on the individual links below. More information about the author, the illustrator, and the books themselves can be found at the Tim and Sally website:

Tim and Sally's Year in Poems is a good starting place for young readers. It's a jaunty and colorful trip through the seasons and their celebrations, from the sighting of springtime robins to building winter's snowman. The joys of holidays from Independence Day to Halloween, and Easter to Christmas, are captured in original poems and illustrations. There's even a bit of pause for grown-ups in the onward rush of the year: "I meant to drive to work today" celebrates simply sitting on the porch and watching the passing parade of nature, even as the hours meant for work tick away. And children get their own summer daydreaming hour, too, with its important lesson of enjoying the seasons just for themselves.

Spring is a time for planting gardens, and kids will enjoy learning about seeds and sprouts, sowing and watering in Tim and Sally's Vegetable Garden. After a long winter it's time to get started growing again! The book is filled with rhyming details kids need to know about all aspects of gardening, from preparation to planting to harvest:
"For awhile we'll care for each growing sprout,
But in a few days we must thin them out,
So their roots will have room to spread all about
And gather water and minerals from the soil below
To provide each plant with what's needed to grow."
The book offers young readers valuable lessons in cooperation and working together -- not just to put food on the table for everyone to enjoy, but in building lasting family relationships through shared work and experiences.

Tim and Sally's Beach Adventure is pure vacation fun, a trip to a warm ocean beach while there's still snow at home in the mountains. Tim and Sally build a sand castle and run in the waves, enjoying the sunshine and wonderful seafood meals that the ocean provides. The family's dog Flip becomes an unexpected hero when Tim demonstrates his bravery in the surf and discovers the ocean waves have their secret tides. Eventually the family heads back home, and though they are sad to leave they know they'll be back. The book's sun-filled illustrations glow on each page, and kids will enjoy reading Tim and Sally's Beach Adventure in the car as they head to their own special vacation spot with mom and dad.

The coloring book Color the Year With Tim and Sally gives young readers the chance to be artists on their own, with illustrations based on the three Tim and Sally adventure books. Elaine Hearn Rabon's seasonal art is filled with strong lines and friendly scenes, and offers familiar pictures for those readers who know the other books in the series. It makes a good activity book companion, which is a consideration for parents whose youngsters ages 4-8 may just be learning about coloring and would enjoy having familiar subjects.

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  1. Great review! I love reading Tim and Sally books to my little girls - they are wonderful books for children.