Monday, September 13, 2010

New tween reads for fall: fantasy, fiction, and adventure

Here's a short selection of this fall's new books for tweens. New series installments, some familiar authors, and some brand new names too, for readers who like to try something different. Find them here on BookBag using the World Catalog and Amazon search boxes -- and discover your next great adventure!

The Suburb Beyond the Stars, by M. T. Anderson (Scholastic Press) Dark Fantasy/Adventure. Best buds Brian and Gregory think that they've returned to normal life after winning a high-stakes supernatural board game -- kind of like Jumanji on steroids -- in The Game of Sunken Places. But when members of the Thusser horde (a sinister alien race) start stalking Brian and Gregory's cousin Prudence goes missing, the two friends realize that something evil is afoot ... again. Soon, they're battling monsters, puzzling out what the heck is going on, and desperately searching for a way to stop it. Readers who enjoy slightly disorienting, action-packed adventures with plenty of creepiness, suspense, and comic relief should set a course for The Suburb Beyond the Stars.

Forgive My Fins, by Tera Lynn Childs (Katherine Tegen Books) Paranormal Romance. Seventeen-year-old Lily Sanderson has been posing as a normal high-school student for the past three years. Not only is she half human and half mermaid, she is royalty--and, as the sole heir to her father's undersea throne, she must find a life mate to rule with her and bond him to her with a kiss...before she turns 18. Lily is sure that she's found the right guy in luscious swim-team star Brody Bennett, even though he's never paid her any attention. Then someone else kisses Lily, bonding the two of them for eternity -- but not if Lily can help it! Ample humor (much of it in fishy puns) combines witha sweet romance to make Forgive My Fins a great catch.

The Other Half of My Heart, by Sundee Tucker Frazier (Delacorte Press) Realistic Fiction. Twins Minni and Keira have been told all their lives that the most obvious difference between them -- Keira has cinnamon-brown skin like their mother's, and Minni has milky-pale skin like their father's -- really doesn't matter. Then, when Grandmother Johnson invites the sisters to come to North Carolina and compete in the Miss Black Pearl Preteen pageant, and the organization's president questions Minni's eligibility to participate, it seems to matter quite a bit. But it'll take more than some official's ignorance or even Grandmother Johnson playing favorites to damage the sisters' strong bond ... won't it? The Other Half of My Heart is a warm and funny story about a close-knit family--and it's sure to make you think.

The Shadow Hunt, by Katherine Langrish (Harper) Fantasy. A 13-year-old boy named Wolf, running away from the oppressive monastery where he was raised, encounters a hunting party on the haunting, windswept moors of Devil's Edge. The party is Lord Hugo's, and their quarry is a strange elfin girl who does not speak. Wolf, seeing a chance to take refuge in Lord Hugo's castle, catches the girl--and earns a place at the castle on the condition that he can make the mute "Elfgift" talk. But what are the secrets that Lord Hugo hopes she'll reveal? And can Hugo be trusted? Briskly paced and beautifully written, this spooky and suspenseful fantasy will please fans of both full-blooded characters and thrilling action.

Found, by Sarah Prineas; illustrated by Javier Caparó (Harper) Fantasy. In this 3rd and most likely final volume of the Magic Thief series, the city of Wellmet is still in grave danger--and not only is thief-turned-magician's-apprentice Conn currently exiled from Wellmet, he's lost his locus magicalicus, the center of his power. Determined to find a replacement magicalicus as well as a way to thwart the coming evil, Conn sets out on a dangerous quest...and is nabbed and carried off by a dragon that was previously thought to be extinct. What's he to do now? This exciting, action-packed fantasy includes fun extras (such as a knitting pattern for a scarf that's perfect for hiding lockpick wires) and has great characters who are sure to please fans of Harry Potter or Septimus Heap.

Wolven, by Di Toft (Chicken House) Fantasy. When Nat Carver's family agrees to let him have a dog, he's hoping for a pedigreed puppy, not the fully grown, "malodorous mongrel" that he ends up adopting from a nearby farm. But Nat had the strange (and, as it turns out, accurate) feeling that the mutt telepathically communicated with him about the dire consequences he'd face if Nat didn't take him home. And then things get really weird: Nat's new dog, Woody, shape-shifts into the form of a human boy. If you're looking for a madcap adventure packed with magic, action, and suspense -- and seasoned with goofy humor and a touch of mystery -- look no further.

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