Monday, January 25, 2010

Some series books for teen readers

Fans of series books like getting to know the people, places, and situations that authors create over the course of many books. Check out one or more of the series-starters listed below, and you'll have plenty of reading to keep you busy for a while. Look for these books and other series here on BookBag using the WorldCatalog and Amazon search boxes.

The Robe of Skulls, by Vivian French (Candlewick Press) Fantasy. When she realizes that she has no treasure left with which to purchase a stunning new gown decorated with skulls, evil sorceress Lady Lamorna lets loose with a blood-curdling scream heard by everyone in the village of Fracture...everyone, that is, but young Gracie Gillypot. Locked in her stepfather's cellar "for being cheerful," Gracie barely hears a peep--but it won't be long before she's called on to help rescue the kingdom's princes, whom Lady Lamorna has turned into frogs. At once silly and exciting, this suspenseful, slap-dash adventure is the 1st in the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series; The Bag of Bones is next.

The Diamond of Drury Lane: A Cat Royal Adventure, by Julia Golding (Roaring Brook Press) Historical Adventure. Abandoned at the Drury Lane Theatre as a baby and taken in by its owner, Mr. Sheridan, young Catherine (aka Cat) has literally grown up backstage. When she learns that Mr. Sheridan has a diamond hidden somewhere in the theater, Cat determines to do everything she can--which may not be enough--to protect it. Vividly set in late-18th-century London, this thrilling and colorful tale is the 1st of four stories that feature Cat, followed by Cat Among the Pigeons and Den of Thieves.

Mister Monday, by Garth Nix (Scholastic). Fantasy. After nearly dying from an asthma attack on his first day at his new school, Arthur Penhaligon comes to with a strange key that looks like the minute-hand of a clock in his hand. It isn't long before minions of the mysterious Mister Monday come after him to retrieve the key, and people in the town are struck by a bizarre sleeping sickness. When Arthur notices a strange new house in his neighborhood that no one else seems able to see, he realizes that he must venture inside to stop the weird--and dangerous--things that are happening. Mister Monday is the 1st of six novels (so far) in the magical, complex, and exciting Keys to the Kingdom series; watch for the conclusion, Lord Sunday, this spring.

Adam Canfield of the Slash, by Michael Winerip (Candlewick Press) Fiction. Adam Canfield is already sorry that he agreed to be co-editor of his school's newspaper, The Slash. He's made for courting danger while digging up the truth--not for supervising over-eager third-grade cub reporters. But there is something strange going on at Harris Elementary/Middle School, and it's up to Adam, his co-editor Jennifer, and the rest of the newspaper's staff to bring the story to light. Packed with suspense and tongue-in-cheek humor, this 1st of three books about Adam and company will please fans of detective stories and thrillers (as well as those interested in the pursuit of truth and justice!).

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  1. I would love it if you would add to your list Angela 1: Starting Over, a series of three set in a coastal Texas high school. To know more, please click on my name and follow the link to my website. Thanks!