Saturday, October 31, 2009

Supernatural fiction for teens

The Halloween season is a great time to read tales of the supernatural. Here are some stories, old and new, worth curling up with on cold nights! Look for library copies using the World Catalog search box, or buy copies by typing in the title in the search box here on BookBag.

Thwonk, by Joan Bauer (Speak Press). Humorous Romance. When lovelorn 17-year-old A.J. McCreary, a talented photographer, is assigned to snap a cover shot for the school yearbook, she stumbles upon a stuffed cupid who comes to life and offers her his assistance. Despite the otherworldly archer's admission that he never quite gets love spells right, A.J. opts for help in the romantic realm instead of asking for success in art or academics, her other choices. Soon, hunky Peter Terris, A.J.'s longtime unrequited love, can't get enough of her, which is great...right? Readers of this hilarious riff on the adage "be careful what you wish for" are in for one fun and wacky ride through the world of high-school romance.

Need, by Carrie Jones (Bloomsbury). Paranormal Romance. After her stepfather dies unexpectedly, grieving, phobic Zara goes to live with her grandmother in chilly, small-town Bedford, Maine. As she begins to make friends and attract the attention of several local boys (including sexy Nick, who runs faster than any human should be able to), Zara notices something unsettling: she's being followed by a strange

man who leaves a golden, glittery trail everywhere he goes. To her horror, she learns that her stalker is a pixie king...and that if he doesn't mate with a queen soon, the young men in Bedford will all be in terrible danger. Fans of Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely will definitely want to read this creepy, suspenseful, and action-packed romance.

Blood and Chocolate, by Annette Curtis Klause (Delacorte Press). Horror. It's the same old story; a young girl falls in love with a boy her mother warns her against -- except in this case it's because the boy is human. Self-assured, beautiful Vivian is a werewolf, and since her father died a year ago, the adolescent males in her pack (called the Five) have been in fierce competition to take his place as its leader. But Vivian blames the Five for her dad's death, and is sick of their careless endangerment of the tribe and their constant fighting. This makes her especially vulnerable to the attractions of sweet, sensitive Aiden, a "meat-boy." Can he love her if he finds out what she really is?

Raven, by Allison Van Diepen (Simon Pulse). Urban Fantasy. High-school senior Nicole has been in love with Zin since the first time she saw him dance. But even though Nicole feels a connection between them -- one that helps her deal with her

messed-up family life--Zin seems determined to keep her at a distance. After she begins performing in Zin's break-dancing group at New York City's club Evermore, however, Nicole learns the startling truth about him: he is one of the Jiang Shi, immortals who feed on the souls of dying humans. Are the feelings that she has for Zin really strong enough to last...forever? Twilight fans who can handle something a bit grittier will appreciate the tantalizing romance in Raven, and dance aficionados will love the detailed descriptions of the dance group's moves.

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